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The Story Behind the Stories


This project began with a seed of an idea, a lifelong love of listening to and telling stories, and an internship with the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama that generously allowed me the free reign to go and make the most of my semester.  I've always believed that people were made for community, and that community is often best built around the table.  I've been blessed to never wonder where my next meal is coming from, yet so many people in this city aren't able to say that.  I wanted to learn their stories, to see the other side, and to let them know that their voices matter.  This has never been about me.  This isn't one of those blogs built to share whatever happens to be on my mind today or post cute pictures of food or flowers or latte art or whatever this week's trend is.  Those are great and serve their purpose, and this isn't the place for it.  This is a place to step into another's shoes, listen to their words that maybe don't sit quite right in your stomach.  It might be a little uncomfortable.  But that's life, and we're in it together.  All of us.

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